Static electricity is a natural physical phenomenon that each individual experiences differently.

In early 2018, we conducted an online survey on the perception of this phenomenon.

The results of the survey can be summarized as follows:

  • respondents' response was 47% (out of 1074),
  • the problem of static electricity is known, since 94% of respondents (out of 502) have experienced static shocks,
  • the problem is important because 66% of the respondents felt discomfort, for 11% of the respondents it was very disturbing,
  • 72% of respondents felt uncomfortable touching a car, 70% touching another person, 40% when touching metal doors.

There are not many known clinical studies on the negative impact of static electricity on humans, so we performed two tests. The first with Kirlian's GDV camera and the second with electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements and electromyogram (EMG) measurements

The first test, after analysing bioenergy field value data and chakra analysis, showed that the electrostatic charge had a negative effect on the human bioenergy field.

The second test has shown that even a short exposure of the human body to static electricity has a negative effect on the physiology of the human body.

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Static electricity shocks are harmful to joints and muscles and cause poor sleep.

The impact of static electricity is harmful to health, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the US Department of Energy, which concluded in some of their laboratory studies that electromagnetic fields affect:

  • Changes in cell and tissue function (accelerated tumour growth)
  • Hormone melatonin reduction (changes in biorhythm)
  • Immune system changes, changes in human brain activity in heart rate
  • Shorter and worse sleep without the necessary rest

With the usual discharge of static electricity we experience stress, which affects the overall well-being of the person.

We become more tense and irritated. .

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Static electricity can destroy electronic circuits and devices. In the presence of flammable substances, such as gas and gas vapours, fire and explosion may occur.

A nice example is seen when a person was filling fuel into a metal container on a truck. The discharge with a static electricity spark caused the fire. The fire destroyed the truck and fuel dispenser.

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Electrostatic discharge can ignite an explosive mixture

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