Products ATEMM® are patented 


ATEMM d.o.o. developed the ATEMM® material from which it produces the ATEMM® green point pads and ATEMM® H-ESD.
ATEMM® material discharges static electricity without a spark, when a charged person touches it.
ATEMM® products are designed to protect persons from static shocks.
The characteristics of the ATEMM® material can be customized according to individual requirements or requirements regarding the discharge of static electricity.
Products ATEMM® are patented.


ATEMM® H-ESD - An innovative solution for static electricity removal

It is intended for professional installation in the production of conductive non-grounded objects.

The innovative products ATEMM® H-ESD is designed as an element for installation into various products.

It needs pre-installation and is suitable for indirect discharge through a conductive, non-grounded object – surface.

Suitable for use on:
conductive car hooks,
conductive frames LCD / LED devices,
conducting frames of ATM’s (money cash/card dispensers/readers/deposit slots),
various other objects and work surfaces in production,
on household appliances,
computer keyboards and mouse pads,
control devices,
measuring devices.
An example of the use of ATEMM® H-ESD in vehicles


ATEMM® green point pad

Its installation does not require expert knowledge..

Stick ATEMM® green point pad to a grounded conductive object-surface. A person discharges itself by touching the ATEMM® pad and is not charged with static when touching a grounded object or surface. This makes contact with conductive surfaces painless and senseless.


Suitable for use on: 
metal doors or windows,
metal fences,
vehicle’s door frame,
metal housing of machinery and equipment.
The ATEMM® green point pad is a product, designed for consumer use and for quick solution of discharging static electricity.
It is very easy to use. Touch the ATEMM® green point pad and your body will be discharged of static charge that is bad for your well-being.
Installation of the ATEMM® green point pad is very simple. Stick it to a degreased and dry surface where static electricity usually shakes you..
We made an ATEMM SET / TIP SE-01 with ATEMM® green point pads for commercial sale. For wholesale only, we do not sell to individuals!

Product: ATEMM SET / TIP SE-01

ATEMM® green point electrostatic discharge set is useful at home, in your car and at your workplace.

It can be installed on devices or equipment, wherever you experience static shocks.



 ATEMM SET / TIP SE-01 package contains:
2 pieces of circle ATEMM green point pads
measures: Ø 40 mm  2,5 mm
1 piece of rectangular ATEMM green point pad
measures: 93 mm X36 mm X 2,5 mm
All pads have on the bottom side an adhesive label.
Assembly and use of ATEMM green point pads is explained at the rear side of the package.          


atem_pravokotnik_mplusatemm_krog_m atemm_krog_m




Outline Installation of ATEMM® green point pad:

1. Clean the surface   2. Peel the bottom sticker 3. Press on the surface    4. Use the pad

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Innovative in the development of static electricity discharge technologies..
ATEMM d.o.o. is an innovative company in the field of human static electricity discharge technology.We develop and produce innovative solutions for a healthy, comfortable and safe life. We are member in the Global Chamber of Business Leaders.

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